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Trip to Omo Valley Tribes

  About This Tour

A photography trip to Ethiopia is like no other. Ethiopia provides an exciting and rare chance for photographers to document centuries-old exotic ethnic traditions, colorful festivals, ancient African civilizations, amazing nature, and exciting wildlife different from the usual African wildlife safari. Because of this unique mix of attractions and uncommon photographic opportunities, traveling to Ethiopia is like traveling to multiple countries on one trip.

          Tour Highlights

  • Meet various ethnic groups.
  • Experience the natural beauty of the country from the stunning savannah plains and elaborately terraced hillsides to the vast coffee fields.
  • See the elaborate hairstyles and personal adornment.
  • Visit colorful and exuberant African markets.
  • Try the varied Ethiopian food.
  • Attend an Ethiopian coffee ceremony.


Day 1: flight from Addis Abeba to Arba Minch,

Late afternoon short drive to visit the Village of Dorze people who live on the Huge Mountain; they are famous for their beehive bamboo houses and weaving skills. In their society, only the women do the spinning of the cotton, while only the men’s are allowed to weave the traditional cloth. You will be arriving in Arba Minch in the late afternoon.

Overnight stay at Paradise Lodge, Arba Minch

Day 2: Drive to Turmi After breakfast, drive to key afer via the town of woyto. On the way, you will visit the Konso village, where the people wear colorful costumes and use their steep land through impressive terracing. Through annual wooden grave marks, they express their status. Their three-storey community house called Mora is impressive; all the young boys above 12 years old stay there every night inside till they get marry. Overnight stay at Buska Lodge Overnight stay at a Goha Hotel, Gondar

Day 3: Trip to Dasenech Tribes in the morning excursion to the dasenech tribe and cross the omo river to visit one of the endogenous tripe in the vicinity then drive back to turmi for launch in the afternoon drive to Hammer people who are known for a bull jumping ceremony; This ceremony is a transformation for young boys from young to adulthood. During the ceremony, you will see the real Hamer traditional dance called Evangadi, and also the women from the jumper’s family are being beaten by his friends to show their love to the Jumper and that he is ready for adulthood. Overnight stay at Buska Lodge

Day 4: Drive to Karo-Turmi In the moring drive to the KARO tribe those tribes are well known with their body painting, after lunch drive to jinka on the way visit the bena tribe Just like most of the indigenous tribes in the lower Omo Valley, the Bena practice ritual dancing and singing. The men often have their hair dressed up with a colorful clay cap that is decorated with feathers. Both the men and women wear long garments and paint their bodies with white chalk. Women of the tribe wear beads in their hair that is held together with butter. Overnight stay at Buska Lodge will reach the viewpoint where you encounter the recurrent and imposing Jinbar waterfall. Overnight stay at Semien Lodge, Semien mountains national park

Day 5: Turmi to Jinka

After a relaxed breakfast drive to Jinka, jinka is the besgest town the omo valley and it’s the administrative zone of the omo valley in the afternoon visit the ethnological museum of jinka.

Overnight stay at Eco omo safari Lodge, Jinka

Day 6: Excursion to Mago Park for visiting the Mursi Tribe then flight to Addis Abeba Day 6: Excursion to Mago Park for visiting the Mursi Tribe then flight to Addis Abeba Day trip to Mago National Park enables you visit the Mursi people. The Mursi are well known for the large clay discs those their women insert in their lower split lip. The Mursi women start cutting their lips between the age of 12 and 16 and thereafter, they put small wooden plugs into the hole and change it every night with the bigger one to stretch the lips till it can hold a 6 inch (15cm) round clay disc. Evening, back to Jinka for overnight. the only and the most famous church of the Western Group. Overnight stay at Sora lodge, Lalibela
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