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Alongside our customised programmes of varying lengths, special tailor-made tours can also be selected here. Combining Ethiopian history, culture, wildlife and landscapes, these programmes come highly recommended. Feedback from past clients is testimony to this. We also organise fixed-date group tours of all shapes and sizes, which individual travellers may join.

Our Short Tours

If you prefer to travel in a group made up of just your own friends or relatives you can book a private group departure on the majority of our holidays. Maybe you belong to a cycling or walking club who would like to venture in Ethiopia for an organized holiday together. Or you have a group of friends who’d like to summit a mountain. If you get a big enough group together this can sometimes work out as a cheaper option to travelling on our standard group trips!


Tour Guide

This tour will be led by our experienced, friendly guides who have led many photography tours to the Omo Valley. They know each and every village really well, and they will guide you for the best time and place to be there. They have an immense knowledge of the tribes you will be visiting, their culture, and how to interact with them.

Our Drivers

Our drivers are well trained and well traveled in the challenging Omo Valley area. They know the terrain and all the valleys you will be traveling to. They always make sure you are comfortable and safe. They have been rated excellent by many travelers who have traveled with them for long periods of time.


Our photography and wild life tours to the Omo Valley, we will be using comfortable 4x4s for the most part. There will be two domestic flight from Addis Ababa to Arba Minch and from Jima to Addis Abeba


All accommodation subject to availability. Final accommodation choices will be confirmed after booking.

Best of Ethiopia

Photography tour

Trekking Tour

Bird Watching Tour

Tour Ambo & Wonchi Crater Lake

Melka-Kunture & Adadi Mariam

Debre Libanos & the Blue Nile Gorge

Addis Ababa City

Family Holiday

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